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JOSHA Research is housed in a historic building partially owned by the company. It underwent extensive renovations recently and is now a first-world center of excellence in clinical research.The site specializes in Phase II and III studies and has conducted more than 90 clinical trials with great success in the past 12 years. We have been the globally highest recruiter for several international studies, although quality has never been compromised for quantity (all personnel has an up-to-date GCP certificate). JOSHA Research has had several FDA, MCC and Sponsor audits with minor or no findings. It is a matter of pride for us to put the safety and quality of life of our patients before anything else.

JOSHA Research started a CAB (Community Advisory Board) in 2009, with people of different interests serving on the Board. We have monthly meetings where issues of mutual interest to the community are discussed. We regularly organize community outreaches to teach the communities about the importance of clinical research. With the help of our recruitment team, we are able to reach hundreds of possible subjects per month for enrollment into clinical trials.

All Standard Operation Procedures are regularly reviewed, and all personnel is trained on a regular basis.


All areas are access controlled and with air conditioning
Large basement parking garage across the street in the basement of the hotel
Reception area with a large waiting area
Large, well-planned clinic area with patient washrooms and five examination rooms
Well-equipped transit laboratory
PBMC laboratory
Access- and temperature-controlled pharmacy
Vaccine Pharmacy
Two kitchens
Large recruitment office with telephones for participant contact
Nine offices
Personnel washrooms
Access-controlled filing room
Two monitoring offices with internet access
Large boardroom with conference telephone
Three counseling rooms
Training area for up to 20 people, suitable for small conferences


All applicable equipment are calibrated annually according to international standards, with certificates immediately available on request
Emergency trolley complying with local MCC requirements
Electronic sphygmomanometer
Self-interpreting ECG machine
Electronic temperature-monitoring systems
Welch Allyn ENT sets in all examination rooms
Welch Allyn Spirometer
Electronic scales
2 – 8ºC Fridges
-20ºC Freezers
-80ºC Freezers
Cold centrifuges
ADSL telephone lines
Internet access
Siemens Ultrasound for sonars and Doppler
Steam steriliser
Biosafety Cabinets


Infectious Diseases – HIV and TB
Cardiovascular Diseases – Cholesterol, Cardiac Dysrhythmia & Cardiac Failure
Diabetes, Type I and 11
Other Endocrinological Diseases
Gastro-Intestinal Diseases
Respiratory Diseases Asthma – COPD, Influenza, and Pneumonia
Orthopedic Conditions – Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis
Neurological Diseases
Nephrological Diseases
Dermatological Diseases
Haematological Diseases
Urological Diseases
Gynaecological Diseases

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